How do you cope with your emotion?

Humans build their own mechanism to deflect tension and tell their mind that they’re okay. Brave souls confront their fear and leave with permanent scars. Wise beings withdraw ego with solace.

Some people cry their hearts out loud in an empty karaoke room, others prefer to be furious to a gym sandbag. Or person. Or be verbally abusive. My five years old brother do it by pretending to be joyfully happy with his clear round eyes.

I used to deal with any surge of emotion with food. When there’s too much to think, biscuits were the less painful of them all. I wasn’t really aware that it bloats my cheek nor did I care the fact that losing weight will haunt you like hell. I ate four times a day and had snacks like I have no tomorrow. I thought I have no tomorrow.

How do you cope with your tears?

We are taught to believe that tears are for the weak. The advice that you receive when you cry is to ‘stay strong’, as if letting out tears make you a meek weakling. That you shouldn’t cry because that doesn’t solve anything.

But maybe nothing will solve anything.