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They do

I have liked written words since I first remember it — or maybe since I realized that spoken words evaporate to carbon dioxide leaving nothing but unaccountable testimony.

Words move like travelers treating me like a little child before their grandpas. Telling heroic episodes enthusiastically while smelling like old cigarettes. They mix nonsense with delusion to pierce minds and collect fears. Words are made to succumb people like quicksand, leaving them crawling helpless until they understand that they’re attending their own funerals.

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The Imaginary Flames

You were never something else. You were as boring as stranger silence in the elevator, as ordinary as judging eyes staring at their phones, as common as teenage boys fapping over kissing scenes. Your smile were never wide enough to find its way to infect me, and your eyes were never dark enough to make me push you into the shades. We know that you’re only here to stay the weekend, and I am here because I can’t be anywhere else.

There are no butterflies when our arms brushed each other, only us giggling before linking it together for the rest of the night. We thought touching skin will bring in the emotions we need alongside the inherent need of having someone so close to our breaths. We believed that we’re two rocks longing for flame; that somehow sparks will fly if we kneaded ourselves together enough times. It didn’t work, so we pretend we were warm by the cold air before us.

I taught myself that having you intently looking through my eyes for few seconds is enough, and letting you discover my delicacies before zero them out is what makes me content. I told myself that having someone to want me, no matter how artificial or how short the time span, is the ultimate blessing I therefore should feel complete in which nothing else does matter. I thought if I believe on this hard enough, blood will somehow wash through my pale feet, and I will be fine.

But when we stopped talking and ran out things to keep us numb, the frost kissed everything away beside our still shadows reflected by the moon; sad and separated by sharp lining that seems wide enough to cover the hollow we have in our hearts.

I taught myself to release my nerves from the pain it still felt even after too many times hearing the door slammed. I learned to close my eyes tightly to endure the eerie emptiness two seconds after you leave me to the dull. I taught myself that I want no more than to be wanted like it’s a duty and then left like I’m a done paperwork.

And when I open my heavy eyelids to the darkness I don’t plan to escape from, I told myself that I made it. That I was filled. I told myself that I was happy, and now it’s fine to let out a cry. I always know the void within will be empty all once more when you pull yourself from me, anyway.

What I don’t know is that the hollow in me was never filled no matter how hard I tried.

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Konsistensi Sebuah Abstraksi

why-can't-iKalau memang aku tak bisa jadi kamu, kenapa aku tidak bisa jadi aku?

Usaha untuk menunjukkan diri terbentur dengan konstruksi bernama norma dan konsep abstrak yang dipercaya oleh akal manusia. Jika bagi orang lain kepatuhan dianggap sebegitu pentingnya, apakah seseorang yang tidak percaya juga salah ketika ia tidak patuh?

Lalu, persisnya, kenapa berbuat salah itu salah?

Ticking clock

Paper scraps. Eraser dust. Pencils. The humid air from West Jakarta now become slightly more familiar than it was six months ago. The unhygienic street that used to be strange now become everyday view where I walk on; sometimes hyper with gigantic art bag, the other time draggy, hands noticeably stained with faded paint color.


On new year’s eve I rejected all hangout schedules included my mother’s wanting me to come home. Barbeque, shopping malls, mountain villa, or just the reassurance from your mother’s eyes… I don’t know what hit me. I just thought everything else can wait.

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Mumpung Masih Sempat

Melakukan apa yang ingin dilakukan mumpung masih ada waktu untuk melakukan.

Intro posting ini agak-agak boring sih. Kapan juga intro-nya seru? Aduh, maafin ya.

Sudah hampir sebulan ini gue keranjingan menggambar menggunakan pensil grafit. Menurut gue pensil menjadi super keren karena… Selama ini gue cuma tau guna pensil 2B sebagai alat untuk mengurek-ngurek kertas jawaban ujian. Ternyata bisa dibuat gambar hal-hal keren, woy! Lagi mencoba-coba berbagai cara dan alat, mulai dari blending stump sampe kneaded eraser dan cutton bud. Terus, alasan sebenernya sih karena cat air mahal (dan gue enggak tau cara makenya).

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